Welcome in the studio!

I've been creating since chilhood: drawing all the time (and turning my teachers mad!), then turning my drawings to reality, mainly with polymer clay.

After studying architecture and working a few years in that field, I realized what I really wanted to do in my life was what I had been making as a hobby during twenty years : make and sell my own art and jewelry. So I quit my job (it was not as easy as it seems when you write it down in five words...) and created my brand Les Folles Marquises.
What I enjoy most in my new life is being able to control the creative process from A to Z, which is impossible in architecture: I have an idea, I draw it (or not), I make it, and so on... with no one interfering!

I'm fond of pure and simple designs, and I combine that with my love of illustration. I used to work only with polymer clay, but now I use more and more eco-friendly materials: wood, ceramics...
I love trying new techniques and materials: stampcarving, spraypainting, screenprinting, digital drawing. I have a lot of fun and sometimes it gives me ideas for developing a new product!

I opened my Etsy shop in 2012. At the beginning I sold only jewellery, but as time passes I've started to develop my illustrator skills and want to make objects for the home, stationery, and so much more ! My only regret : not enough time to make everything I like!

What I want : bring happiness in your everyday life and make you smile!

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